Optimal Dental Visits: Understanding Affects to Your Oral Health

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You might wonder, what is the best time to visit your dentist? Or what should be the frequency of your visits? Or should you even visit a dentist when you don’t feel any problem within your mouth?

For many, visiting a dentist regularly isn’t on their priority list. People usually don’t think about going to a dentist unless the underlying condition is disturbing enough to affect their day-to-day tasks.

It is a rule of thumb to visit your dentist twice a year. But here comes the interesting part: after examination, if your dentist finds that your oral health and overall health are satisfactory, he may tell you to cut down your visits up to once a year or even once in two years.

Here, I am providing a list regarding the frequency of visits an individual needs.

People who need more frequent visits:

  1. People with high sugar intake
  2. People with habits i.e. Bruxism, betel nut chewing
  3. Diabetic
  4. Pregnant women
  5. Weak immune response
  6. Use of any form of tobacco
  7. Gum diseases

These individuals may need 4 visits per year to their Dentist.

People who need less frequent visits:

  1. Satisfactory oral hygiene (not your own assessment but confirmed by a dentist)
  2. No systematic medical disease
  3. Strong immunity

But keep in mind you cannot assess your oral health condition yourself. Dentists see things from a different perspective. A Dentist’s eye can detect those minor changes in your oral cavity which may seem normal to you, and this can help you to treat the problem at its initial stage. So, your oral health status and frequency of visits can only be determined by your Dentist.

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