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How much does a Dental Checkup cost| Cost of Basic Dental Procedures

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It is commonly advised to people to visit their dentist once in every 6 months and reason why it is said so, is early detection of disease.  Because dentist by putting his dentist’s glasses can see much more in the mouth which cannot be seen by common people.

In today’s world people are much concern about their health. They want to protect their teeth from any disease and willing to do anything that can keep their beautiful smile forever.

According to a survey despite so much concern regarding one’s health only 35% of working age american adults visit their dentist annually; and you know what’s the reason behind less dental visits: MONEY

People think that their each dental visit will pull out a lot of money from their pocket and to skme extent they are right.

But you need not to worry because if your oral  health is satisfactory dentist will not charge you much but if your dentist advise you soon sort of dental treatment then sure you have to spend good amount of money.

I am giving you here the most common dental  procedures performed by a dentist and their average cost:

Dental Procedures   Cost

Dental consultation                 1000-2000pkr

Filling/ Restoration                  2000-4000pkr  

Close extraction                       3000-6000pkr

Open extraction                        6000-10000pkr   

RCT                                             6000-14000pkr

Crown/Bridge                            10000-15000pkr

Braces                                        120000-200000pkr

Complete Denture                    60000-100000pkr

Implant                                       70000-120000pkr

Removable Partial Denture     35000-65000pkr  

Scaling and Polishing               60000-8000pkr

Here to keep in mind that cost of each dental procedure may vary across the country.Given cost is an average cost. The actual cost may depend upon the seniority of Dentist, Expertise of Dentist,location of Clinic and other factors.

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